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Teacher training: A necessity for successful mathematics education reform. (English)
Vakalis, Ignatios et al., 2nd international conference on the teaching of mathematics (at the undergraduate level). Wiley, New York, NY. 374 (2002).
As a result of insufficient teacher training, reformed mathematics courses often fail to be implemented as intended. A wonderful curricular construction can quickly disintegrate into a pedagogical nightmare for both the teacher and the students, especially when the new course represents mathematics education reform at many levels. Professor Christopher G. Lamoureux and Professor Richard B. Thompson from the University of Arizona co-created a reformed business mathematics sequence that presents challenges even to veteran instructors of the traditional finite mathematics/business calculus sequence offered at most U.S. universities and colleges. These relatively new courses involve thorough integration of technology, inter-disciplinary project-driven mathematics, as well as significant collaborative work in the form of student teams, team written reports and oral presentations. In addition, the text for this course sequence is entirely electronic. Pima County Community College District in Tucson, Arizona recently adopted this reformed course sequence. In an effort to provide a smooth the transition while ensuring that the courses are delivered as intended, Pima County Community College District offered a weeklong, hands-on instructor training workshop during the summer of 2001. This workshop was specifically targeted to mathematics instructors interested in teaching these courses. The majority of instructors in attendance were from the four Pima County Community College District campuses. Others in attendance were instructors from the University of Arizona and Arizona State University. Although a few of the instructors were initially skeptical, the workshop was very well received. Entrance/exit survey results and highlights of this workshop will be presented.
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