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Graphics calculators use in mathematics in Victorian secondary schools. (English)
Novotná, Jarmila, CERME 2: European Research in Mathematics Education II. Pt. 1 and 2. ,. 227-240 (2002).
In 1995, the Victorian Board of Studies accepted a recommendation from the VCE Working Group to allow students to use graphics calculators in VCE mathematics examinations as from 1997 (Victorian Board of Studies, 1995). In 1997, Victoria became the first state in Australia to permit the use of graphics calculators in final external examinations. The use of graphics calculators has become quite widespread. With the support of the Board of Studies, a survey of secondary schools was undertaken to gauge the response of teachers to these tools. This paper provides information on choice of mathematics topics for which the graphics calculators were used and how teachers view graphics calculator use in secondary mathematics courses.
Classification: U73
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