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From pole to pole - A numerical journey to an analytical destination. (English)
Borovcnik, Manfred et al., Technology in mathematics teaching. öbv \& hpt, Wien (ISBN 3-209-03848-1). 27-32 (2002).
The TI-89/92’s Data/Matrix-editor is an excellent tool to support concepts of accumulation points, limits, continuity, average and instantaneous rates of change. Some steps can be done using a spreadsheet, too. But very soon we miss the comfortable use of functions and much more important the computer algebra. In this paper we focus on the use of handheld technology, because we experienced the advantage of the overall and anytime availability of these small machines. The author tried the same approach with a calculus class in the PC-lab using Derive$^{TM}$. (author’s abstract)
Classification: I44
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