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Student difficulties in abstracting angle concepts from physical activities with concrete materials. (English)
Barton, Bill et al., Mathematics education in the South Pacific. Vol. 1 and 2. , (ISBN 0-86869-048-1; 0-86869-053-8; 0-86869-054-6). 583-591 (2002).
A Year 3 angles unit using the Teaching for Abstraction paradigm was developed on the basis of earlier empirical research and trialed by 12 NSW teachers. Analysis of data submitted by the teachers showed that the unit was generally successful but a number of minor areas for improvement were identified. An analysis of independent classroom observations of students working on the angles lessons is reported in the present paper. It was found that the difficulties students experienced could be classified as matching, measuring, drawing, and describing errors. The results clearly support the hypothesised steps in learning by abstraction. (orig.)
Classification: G42
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