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Seeking interventions to improve adult numeracy instruction in the United States: Hybrids only need apply. (English)
Barton, Bill et al., Mathematics education in the South Pacific. Vol. 1 and 2. , (ISBN 0-86869-048-1; 0-86869-053-8; 0-86869-054-6). 35-47 (2002).
In adult numeracy instruction, the gap between current and potential instructional realities is of great concern. Narrowing that gap might best be accomplished with creative, sly, and surprising combinations of practice, research, theory, and/or policy. In this paper, I describe current policies, practices, and research connected with adult numeracy instruction in the United States, propose a different model, and depict three multi-dimensional interventions which create powerful opportunities to find the way from what currently exists to what might be. (orig.)
Classification: D38
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