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Reflections on the middle years numeracy research project. Is it a case of too much too soon, for too many? (English)
Barton, Bill et al., Mathematics education in the South Pacific. Vol. 1 and 2. , (ISBN 0-86869-048-1; 0-86869-053-8; 0-86869-054-6). 617-624 (2002).
This paper will provide an overview of the Middle Years Numeracy Research Project conducted in Victoria from 1999 to 2000. Results from the final stage of the project indicates that teachers working in professional teams in a coordinated and purposeful way do make a difference to numeracy outcomes for the majority of students. However, evidence from individual interviews with a sample of ‘at-risk’ students suggests that schools still face a significant challenge in recognising and dealing with difference at this level. Implications for further research and current practice are discussed (orig.)
Classification: D33
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