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A pedagogy of conflict and dialogue for mathematics education from a critical perspective. (English)
Learn. Math. 22, No. 1, 29-41 (2002).
In this article, I have attempted to give substance to a pedagogy of conflict and dialogue for mathematics education appropriate to the educational needs of a developing democracy. It is a pedagogy that arises from the difficult yet exciting current situation in South Africa and through which I seek to make a contribution toward a new curriculum vision for South Africa. This article (and the underlying study) has explored the possibility to take a small step toward this vision by engaging student teachers with ideas emerging within the literature on the social, cultural and political dimensions of mathematics education which integrate a critical perspective. By creating a space in a supportive and collaborative environment for prospective teachers during teaching practice to transform these ideas into practices within a real mathematics classroom, this research begins to give meaning to and shed light on the notion of becoming critical in mathematics education in South Africa. (From the conclusion)
Classification: D20
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