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Exploring teachers’ knowledge for teaching mathematics. (English)
Barton, Bill et al., Mathematics education in the South Pacific. Vol. 1 and 2. , (ISBN 0-86869-048-1; 0-86869-053-8; 0-86869-054-6). 641-648 (2002).
This paper reports some initial results from a research project aimed at identifying and describing teaching approaches which are effective in improving numeracy learning in primary classrooms. To ascertain the influences on the teachers’ intentions we posed a task that sought some indication of what aspects of a topic the teachers might consider when planning a set of experiences for their students. It seems that the teachers had a limited understanding of the ways that the concepts develop and the types of experiences that they might choose for their students. We argue that teacher education could focus more on key aspects of teaching the important topics of the mathematics curriculum. (orig.)
Classification: C49
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