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Geometry and geographical information systems. (English)
Gorini, Catherine A., Geometry at work. Mathematical Association of America, Washington, DC (ISBN 0-88385-164-4). 88-104 (2000).
Most Geographic Information Systems (GIS) make use only of elementary geometric structures, but their intrinsic geometric simplicity is balanced by the need to manipulate large numbers of spatial entities efficiently and accurately. The emphasis in GIS is on robust geometric algorithms rather than on theorems. In GIS, little importance is attached to worst-case complexity analyses, randomized algorithms, and high-dimensional domains. The compilation of realistic geographic databases is beyond individual reach, therefore I provide pointers to several public-domain data sets. Then I single out three aspects of GIS for more extensive discussion: triangulations and proximity diagrams, geometric visibility, and map projections. I close with a list of additional GIS applications of computatiqnal geometry. (Author’s abstract)
Classification: M55
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