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All change, no change: shifting discourses in the official rhetoric of primary school mathematics. (English)
Matos, João Filipe et al., Mathematics education and society, MES 2. Proceedings of the international conference, Montechoro, Portugal, March 26‒31, 2000. (ISBN 972-9348-05-7). 180-191 (2000).
This paper explores some of the critical tensions within the discourses of mathematics education in the primary setting in England. These tensions, I suggest, are always present and have never been fully resolved although at key moments there may have been partial resolutions in key texts. These partial resolutions are exemplified by the manner in which primary teachers and the mathematics they are expected to teach are construed in these key texts. I argue that particular discursive formations may, at different historical moments, be spotlit and privileged through rehearsal and reformation or be darkened, hidden and ignored or derided. Whether spotlit or darkened, however, the discourses are never completely silenced.
Classification: D32
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