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Dilemmas of social/political/cultural research in mathematics education. (English)
Matos, João Filipe et al., Mathematics education and society, MES 2. Proceedings of the international conference, Montechoro, Portugal, March 26‒31, 2000. (ISBN 972-9348-05-7). 394-403 (2000).
Based on our experience in two different research projects that explicitly adopt a social/political/cultural approach to research in mathematics education, we explore four different dilemmas that we have faced in our endeavor. The dilemmas of mathematical specificity, scope, scientific distance and relevance refer to four types of critical situations where researchers have to make decisions that are not documented and discussed enough in the community of research in mathematics education. Our intention with the paper is to start a discussion about these dilemmas and the reasons why they emerge in this kind of endeavor. (Authors’ abstract)
Classification: D20
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