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Integration of technology in the design of geometry tasks with Cabri-geometry. (English)
Intern. J. Comput. Math. Learn. 6, No. 3, 283-317 (2001).
Beginning with the gap in France between the institutional support for the use of technology in mathematics teaching and its weak integration into teacher practice, this paper claims that integrating technology into teaching is a long process. The aim of the paper is to identify and analyse the steps in this integration using as an example the evolution over time (3 years) in the design of teaching scenarios based on Cabri-gèomètre for high school students. The analysis indicates that the role played by the technology moved from being a visual amplifier or provider of data towards being an essential constituent of the meaning of tasks and as a consequence affected the conceptions of the mathematical objects that the students might construct. (Orig.)
Classification: U74
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