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Principles of design for multimedia-based training. (English)
J. Struct. Learn. Intell. Syst. 14, No. 4, 467-482 (2001).
Among the most salient developments in electronics and computer science in the last decade of the past century are (a) the digitalizing of both visual and auditory information in the same digital format; (b) the rapid progress in the speed of data processing; (c) the use of hypermedia; and (d) the electronic communication of huge amounts of data via the Internet. Because a computer as an interactive multimedia includes all the other ’technical’ media that store visual and auditory information and because media are indispensable for education and training, the meaning of this development for education and training needs to be considered and discussed. What is the meaning of a medium in an instructional communication and what should the instructional designer do to integrate the best possible medium into the design? Does the multimedia alternative that is provided by the computer push aside all the other technical media?
Classification: U70
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