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Learning to teach and teaching to learn mathematics. Resources for professional development. (English)
Mathematical Association of America, Washington, DC (ISBN 0-88385-168-7). 284 p. (2002).
There is a great need for tools to train college mathematics instructors in both basic teaching skills and innovative methodologies. The book describes training and mentoring activities that have been successfully used in a variety of settings with a wide range of new instructors, including graduate student teaching assistants, undergraduate tutors, graders, and lab assistants, as well as postdoctoral, adjunct, part-time and new regular-rank faculty. It addresses a variety of teaching issues including cooperative learning, technology, and assessment. The book provides a broad range of material including: the structure and oepraiton of an integrated professional development program; a complete description of a pre-semester orientation session for instructors who are either new to teaching or new to a department; a guide to visiting and observing classrooms, including sample observations made and the feedback given; descriptions of producers for customizing and developing new training materials; and an extensive list of rerfences and suggested readings.
Classification: D19
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