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A philosophy of instructional design for the 21st century? (English)
J. Struct. Learn. Intell. Syst. 14, No. 4, 307-318 (2001).
What is the nature of instructional design? Is instructional design merely the practical application of learning theories to learning situations? What elements form the building blocks of instructional design theory and research? What assumptions about the nature of people and society are behind theories, principles and practice? These questions arise naturally in the context of recent international discussions about foundation issues in instructional design. In this paper I argue that there is an identifiable landscape (context, perspectives, issues, methods and values) associated with instructional design. Key features of that landscape include assumptions about the nature of being a person and living in society. Without such an identifiable landscape, there is little real possibility for progress in instructional design research. (Author’s abstract)
Classification: C30
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