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Bridging the cultural gap: A webliography of juvenile literature. (English)
Internet Ref. Serv. Q. 6, No. 1, 69-80 (2001).
Cultural diversity continues to expand as new families arrive in the United States. Each family brings with them the culture and customs of their home country. Cultural diversity and differences are basic in our ’melting pot’ society. Perhaps a more correct phrase would be a ’tossed salad’ society where individual differences are respected and not molded into a common ’American’ culture. Unfortunately, diversity remains a concern today and acceptance is still a challenge. Since our value and belief systems are formed at an early age, children’s literature is a most appropriate tool to instill an attitude of acceptance and tolerance of diversity and to alleviate prejudice and injustices suffered by many cultures. Literature that focuses on cultural differences, as well as similarities, is needed for communicating acceptable values. No matter what our background, we all have much in common and much to share. The following Web sites are meant to enlighten, inspire, encourage, and be enjoyed by all who value each other - whatever their culture.
Classification: A50
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