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Graphing calculator activities for enriching middle school mathematics - TI-80, TI-82, TI-83. (English)
Texas Instruments, Austin, TX (ISBN 1-886309-15-9). 148 p. (1997).
With the graphing, plotting, programming, table-building, list-making, and statistical features of graphing calculators, it is possible to introduce students to important and significant mathematics involving meaningful computation; modeling with tables, graphs and functions; analyzing and interpreting data using statistics and statistical graphs; problem soving with simulations, and a wide variety of other topics. The activities in this book have been written to enrich the technology components of current middle school mathematics curricula and can be classified as follows: Number sense (estimation games, the shrinking dollar); Measurement and geometry (How do you measure up?, Building a garden fence); Probability, statistics, and simulations (Heads up! Part 1 and 2, Coolecting pens, Part 1 and 2); Algebra and functions (Box it up, Part 1 and 2, What$\rq$s my line?, A move in the right direction). Each activity can be completed in one to three 50-minute class periods depending upon the time spent on whole class discussion and on investigation into the additional problems that are provided at the end of most activities. The teacher notes for each activity are on the same page as the activity text, and the notes are printed in non-reproducible blue ink, which allows the teacher to copy the activities for their students without reproducing the teacher notes.
Classification: U73
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