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The role of technology in supporting multiage classroom practices. (English)
Inf. Technol. Child. Educ. Annu. 2001, 5-31 (2001).
This article reports on the final evaluation of the project, Constructing and Networking for Multiage Learning. The project gave teachers access to the resources of the World Wide Web (WWW or Web) and supported their efforts to become more constructivist in their teaching. It included an infusion of technology and extensive staff development. The purposes of the evaluation were to assess classroom teaching practices, teacher concerns about multiage grouping, teacher concerns about using computers in their classrooms and for their own professional development, teacher experiences and attitudes about computers, and the extent of their computer use before the project began and at the conclusion of the three year project. Participants included 23 classroom teachers, grades K-5. Data collection included classroom observations, teacher interviews, teacher survey, and teacher journals. The results revealed that the teachers modified their teaching practices during the second year of the project, but reverted to more traditional practices by the end of the three years. The results also revealed that while almost all the teachers became successful technology users, their ability to implement constructivist teaching practices with the support of technology was limited. Conclusions focus on future training needs.
Classification: D42
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