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The revised VCE mathematics 2000: The “Ripple effect” for junior secondary mathematics. (English)
Bobis, Janette et al., Numeracy and beyond. Vol. 1 and 2. , (ISBN 1-86487-386-8). 98-105 (2001).
Research shows that significant changes at the senior levels of schooling have implications for teaching and learning approaches in the prior years of schooling. In 2000, a new structure was implemented for school based assessment in the Victorian Certificate of Education. This paper draws on data from a survey of senior mathematics teachers focusing on their responses to the impact these changes are making on the teaching and learning in junior level mathematics. Data on reported frequency of investigations, problem solving, modelling and group work is presented. While the majority of teachers reported that no changes have, or will occur, there is evidence to indicate that a trickle down effect is in motion, the implications of which are discussed. Together this data will provide a base-line for future comparative studies. (orig.)
Classification: D33
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