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Factors influencing computer use in mathematics teaching in secondary schools. (English)
Bobis, Janette et al., Numeracy and beyond. Vol. 1 and 2. , (ISBN 1-86487-386-8). 386-393 (2001).
The reluctance of many mathematics teachers to embrace the use of computers in their teaching has been well documented. This paper report on a study that attempts to identify and describe the major factors that have effected some teachers$\rq$ decisions to use or not to use this innovation. Rich case study data has been summarised in a concept map. This map illustrates that central to teachers responses are their beliefs about mathematics, beliefs about students, pedagogical knowledge, knowledge about using technology in teaching, cultural press and perceptions of assessment. The interactions are complex. The findings indicate that a pronged approach to syllabi reform and professional development is recommended. (orig.)
Classification: C29
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