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MATHEMATICA palettes - a methodical way to provoke students into using mathematical strategies. (English)
Kawski, Victor, A visual integration of vector calculus and differential equations. ,. 9 p., 343 KB (1999).
More and more CAS-systems are used in grammar school. The presentation intends to show a methodical way in offering MATHEMATICA - palettes to the students to provoke the use of mathematical strategies for solving problems. Examples for linear-equations-solving-palettes and examples provoking the association between visualization and auditive representation of sin-functions like f(t) = sin (a t) will be given. Didactical concepts will be prepared in addition to the practical representation. The presentation shows the very first experiences of an actual research project of the two authors and is a co-operation between BORG Salzburg (grammar school) and Salzburg University.
Classification: D54
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