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Projects and mathematical puzzles - a tool for development of mathematical thinking. (English)
Schwank, Inge, European research in mathematics education I.II. Vol. 2. , (ISBN 3-925386-54-8). 54-64 (1999).
The teaching of mathematics in the Czech Republic has traditionally been of an ’instructive’ nature. This teaching strategy has alienated most students in mathematics because they have been expected to use the skills they have learnt without understanding the underlying concepts. They have not been able to appreciate the usefulness of mathematics nor get enjoyment from the subject. From our own teaching experience, by using projects and mathematical puzzles we have found that our students have gained the necessary understanding, enjoyed their work and developed other important attributes such as the ability to conjecture, to work systematically and to communicate. In this paper we set out the benefits of using this practical approach to the teaching of mathematics together with an analysis of the processes necessary to set up such teaching strategies in schools etc. (author’s abstract)
Classification: D40
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