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Teaching mathematics to the new standards. Relearning the dance. (English)
Teachers College Press, New York, NY (ISBN 0-8077-3968-5). 190 p. (2000).
The author, an elementary mathematics educator with ten years of practice, describes and traces her efforts to change her teaching practice in response to current national reforms in mathematics education. She explores her changing practice from the vantages of both teacher and researcher. In the face of increased standards and state mandates, she does learn new ways to teach and the results of her experience are of great value to educators everywhere who face increasing challenges to their craft. Contents: Introduction; Do you see any patterns?; Learning to comprehend mathematical ideas in topics, texts, tasks, and talk; The teaching has been missing; Learning to appreciate teaching as an improvisational activity; Bendable rulers and other moments of improvisation; Learning to share the dance with students; What should I do next?; Learning to see knowledge differently; Conclusion: Learning to teach while inventing a practice.
Classification: D32
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