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Recent trends in the theory of didactical situations. (English)
Schwank, Inge, European research in mathematics education I.II. Vol. 2. , (ISBN 3-925386-54-8). 279-288 (1999).
During the past thirty years the theory of didactical situations developed by Guy Brousseau and other people was at the centre of the identifications of the main characteristics of didactical systems as far as they are set up to teach mathematics. Following the great trends of the theory in its historical and notional development, from the first modelisation of the mathematization process to the identification of the crucial role of institutionalization, we focus our attention on the more recent questions calling for evolutions as new fields for research: regulation of didactical systems, oganization of sets of problems for teaching, relationship between teaching devices and concepts of the theory in various contextual environments such as teachers training and the use of so called new technologies of information. (author’s abstract)
Classification: D20
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