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Educational-psychological articles published in the journal Pedagogika in 1951-2000. (Pedagogickopsychologické práce publikované v \u casopise Pedagogika v letech 1951-2000.) (Czech)
Pedagogika, No. 4, 365-405 (2000).
This survey study is aimed at a fifty-year period in educational psychology as reflected in articles published in the Pedagogika journal. The criterion for the selection of the articles was the specialist discipline of the author, the thematic focus of the work, the preponderance of the educational psychological aspect if the work had several aspects, and the preponderance of educational psychological method if more than one method was used. The survey study contains seven subsidiary views of educational psychology in Czechoslovakia in the period 1951/1992, and in the Czech Republic in the period 1993-2000.
Classification: C90
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