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Teaching geometry in elementary schools. Results of the evaluation on an inquiry on teachers and teaching post candidates. (English)
Cohors-Fresenborg, Elmar et al., Selected papers from the annual conference of didactics of mathematics 1997. , (ISBN 3-925386-41-6). 1-16 (1999).
Englische Übersetzung eines auf der Bundestagung 1997 gehaltenen Vortrages, der auch im zugehörigen Konferenzband "Beiträge zum Mathematikunterricht 1997" auf den Seiten 72-75 veröffentlicht ist.
Winning a snapshot of the actual educational classroom practices in geometry teaching was the goal of the evaluation of an inquiry. The inquiry was distributed 1995/96 to teachers and teaching post candidates of elementary schools in North-Rhine-Westfalia. The lecture reports on selected results of the evaluation. For example: Which items of geometry are the most important for the teachers? Which items are realised in practice? How do the teachers rate the school book used in the classroom? From the teacher’s point of view, will teaching of geometry be neglected? Which geometrical activities are articulated in other teaching disciplines?
Classification: G42
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