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The analysis of teaching practice in the anthropological theory of didactics. (L’analyse des pratiques enseignantes en théorie anthropologique du didactique.) (French)
Rech. Didact. Math. 19, No. 2, 221-265 (1999).
Cet article reprend une serie d’exposes donnes a l’universite d’ete pour enseignants de mathematiques tenue a La Rochelle (France) en juillet 1998. Il propose une presentation lineaire des concepts cles de l’approche anthropologique de l’enseignement des mathematiques. Son but principal est de permettre au didacticien practicien d’approfondir sa connaissance des modalites essentielles de cette approche. (Orig.)
This paper originated in a series of lectures given at the summer university for in-service mathematics teachers held in La Rochelle (France) in july 1998. It provides a straightforward presentation of some key concepts of the anthropological approach to the teaching of mathematics. It is mainly intended to help the practising didactician come into closer contact with the major implications of this approach. (Orig.)
Classification: D20
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