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Learning and social practice: Contributions towards the construction of tools to analyze school mathematics learning. (Aprendizagem e prática social: Contributos para a construção de ferramentas de análise da aprendizagem da matemática escolar.) (Portuguese)
Ponte, J.P. et al., Educaç|ã|o Matemática em Portugal, Espanha e Itália: Actas da Escola de Verã|o - 1999. ,. 65-92 (2000).
This paper discusses the key ideas of a situated perspective about learning based in the works of Lave e Wenger. It focus in the discussion of the notion of community of practice, aiming to expand its use in analyzing school mathematics. This discussion is supported by examples concerning pieces of students’ activity. The paper concludes with an overview about the potential of this perspective and with suggestions regarding the construction of related data analysis frameworks. Comments are provided by R. Iaderosa and J. Carrillo.
Classification: C60
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