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Secondary mathematics teachers’ responses to computers and their beliefs about the role of computers in their teaching. (English)
Truran, John M. et al., Making the difference. , (ISBN 0-9594844-9-2). 404-410 (1999).
International studies have indicated that mathematics teachers have been slow in taking up the use of computers in their teaching even where the resources have been available. In this study, survey and case study procedures were used to determine how frequently, and for what purposes, secondary mathematics teachers used computers in some Australian schools. It also investigated teachers’ beliefs about the potential of computers in mathematics teaching and learning. The findings showed that the teachers in this study rarely used the computer resources available, particularly if they taught junior (Years 8‒10) and less able senior students. Only teachers with special expertise used computers regularly and, then, mostly for the teaching of calculus and statistics and usually in a calculational way. (Orig.)
Classification: U73
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