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A mathematical method for figure modelling. (English)
Gagatsis, Athanasios et al., 2nd Mediterranean conference on mathematics education (MEDCONF 2000). Vol. 1. , (ISBN 9963-7770-1-5). 220-228.
Mathematics play a major role in the area of computer graphics. Objects are modelled in 3D, they are manipulated and animated. Mathematical methods are developed for figure modelling and the most popular are spline methods. This paper presents a method derived from a standard bicubic Bézier patch and capable of capturing surfaces of arbitrary topology. It “fills-in” $n$-sided regions with four sided patches. The method is based on a recursive patch midpoint subdivision algorithm on a rectangular framework of control points, which is then generalised to arbitrary nets of control points. (Orig.)
Classification: N50
Keywords: bezier splines
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