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Supporting teacher learning via curriculum materials. (English)
Hitt, Fernando et al., Psychology of mathematics education (PME-NA XXI). Vol. 2. ,. 723-729 (1999).
This paper examines how curriculum materials can support teacher learning. Three teachers were observed and interviewed throughout one school year as they implemented a new reform-based mathematics curriculum. Our analysis revealed three areas in which teachers learned while implementing the new curriculum: (a) content, (b) classroom processes, and (c) interpreting curriculum. All of the teachers developed new understandings in each of these three areas. However, the area in which initial learning took place differed among the three teachers. Furthermore, the teachers cycled through learning in the subsequent areas in different ways. Based on these findings, we suggest that curricula be designed to provide different entry points for teacher learning. In addition, however this initial learning takes place, we find that teacher learning is an ongoing process. Therefore, we recommend that curriculum materials seek to make connections across learning in different areas explicit for the teacher. (Authors’ Abstract)
Classification: D30
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