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State of the art of teaching probability at secondary level. (English)
Phillips, Brian, Papers on statistical education. , (ISBN 0-85590-753-3). 75-86 (1997).
With the aim to determine the state of the art of the teaching of probability at secondary level, more than 200 copies of a questionnaire were distributed to several countries, excluding the USA. Responses are summarized in five tables with comments. We hoped that a list of institutions would emerge where research on teaching probability is going on in different countries, but this is not the case. It seems appropriate, however, to refer the reader to the “Newsletter of the international study group for research on learning probability and statistics” for more information. We planned to also collect information regarding the education of gifted students but as the reaction to this call was so weak we decided not to touch upon this question here. (Author’s abstract)
Classification: K50
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