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Emerging research issues in the teaching and learning of probability and statistics. (English)
Phillips, Brian, Papers on statistical education. , (ISBN 0-85590-753-3). 39-48 (1997).
This paper identifies and discusses some research issues in the teaching and learning of probability and statistics that a) have already emerged, b) that are beginning to emerge, and c) that we hope will emerge in the near future. Prominent issues that have emerged include i) people’s naive conceptions and beliefs of probability and statistics concepts, and ii) the impact of instruction on these conceptions and beliefs. Issues that are just beginning to emerge include (i research on students’ understanding of graphs and visual displays of data, and (ii the importance of investigating teachers’ own conceptions and beliefs about probability and statistics. Fertile issues for future research that have yet to be investigated include i) research on the importance of building connections between probability concepts and data handling concepts, and ii) research on cross cultural differences in understanding probability and statistics. There is now quite a body of literature on naive beliefs and conceptions about stochastical concepts. Some researchers are beginning to embark upon developing a ‘theory of graphicacy’ to describe students’ understanding and interpretation of graphs. Research in the other areas mentioned above is either currently rather dormant or still needs to emerge. (Author’s abstract)
Classification: K10
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