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Reformed calculus teaching: the UWC experience. (English)
Ogude, Nthabiseng Audrey et al., The sixth annual meeting of the Southern African Association for Research in Mathematics and Science Education. ,. 208-216 (1998).
This paper reports on some aspects of the development of an alternative first year mainstream course implemented at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) since 1993. Many students accept to study science related courses at UWC are poorly prepared for first year university mathematics. It has been necessary to provide these students with empowering learning experiences, helping them to surmount the scholastic inadequacies their education has left them in mathematics. With the continued development of the course, the coordinator gradually implemented, together with other experiences, some of the principles and strategies of the “calculus reform” initiative begun in the 1986 in the USA. The issues raised by the “reformers” resonate with the position of the coordinator that active student involvement is fundamental to the enhancement of their learning of mathematics. Based on the results and appraisals of the students, the course has successfully given more students the opportunity to achieve a credit for first year mathematics as well as raising their affinity for the study of mathematics. There is not one magical method ‒ “workshop lectures”, or use of technology, or writing, or “lab sessions” or curriculum changes, etc. It is the integrated use of these innovations that has to be evaluated. (Author’s abstract)
Classification: I15
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