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Relating geometry and algebra in the Pascal Triangle, Hexagon, Tetrahedron, and Cuboctahedron. Pt. 2. Geometry and algebra in higher dimensions: identifying the Pascal Cuboctahedron. (English)
Coll. Math. J. 30, No. 4, 279-292 (1999).
Dies ist die Fortsetzung der Untersuchung der geometrischen Eigenschaften des Pascalschen Dreiecks in höheren Dimensionen.
In Part I we introduced a notation suitable for bringing out the geometrical aspects of the Pascal Triangle and the Pascal Tetrahedron. We discussed some explicit connections between the geometry and the algebra of the Pascal Triangle; and we prepared the ground for a similar discussion in three dimensions. We also referred briefly to the possibility of going beyond three dimensions. We carry out this program here in Part II. (Orig.)
Classification: H24
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