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’I see it, but I don’t believe it’. Epistemological and didactical obstacles in the process of comprehending a theorem of G. Cantor. (’Lo vedo, ma non ci credo’. Ostacoli epistemologici e didattici al processo di comprensione di un teorema di Georg Cantor che coinvolge l’infinito attuale.) (Italian)
Insegn. Mat. Sci. Integr. 22B, No. 5, 465-494 (1999).
In this work we study the limits of comprehension and acceptance on the part of students in the upper secondary school, in relation to some recent questions as to the actual use of infinity and in particular about a celebrated theorem of George Cantor. We attempted moreover an analysis of the motivation of this widespread non-acceptance, collating it in various ways. (Authors’ summary)
Classification: E64
Keywords: continuum; cantor, g.
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