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Sign and object. Pt. 1: Three big stages in the relationship between representation and object. (Signe et objet. Pt. 1: Trois grandes étapes dans la problématique des rapports entre représentation et objet.) (French)
Pluvinage, François, Annales de didactique et de sciences cognitives. Publication des travaux du séminaire de Didactique des Mathématiques de Strasbourg. Vol. 6. ,. 139-163 (1998).
Sign and object are two key ideas in order to analyse mathematical knowledge acquisition. The idea of sign cannot be considered like that of a simple notation, it is a representation changing according to the semiotic system which is used. The idea of object cannot be considered like that of thing, it is the conscious invariant meaning in relation to changing form and content semiotic representation. These two ideas are closely connected. In the first part we examine how the semiotic nature of representation has grown with the development of mathematical knowledge. We distinguish three great historical stages in this evolution of relations between representation and object. In each state there is a new way for analysing the content of representation in relation to objects. There is also a new determination of the cognitive process producing representations. (Author’s summary)
Classification: E20
Keywords: semiotics
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