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Mathematics education and society, MEAS/MES 1. Proceedings of the international conference, Nottingham, UK, September 6‒11, 1998. Proceedings. (English)
Nottingham: Nottingham University (ISBN 0-9533812-0-X). not consecutively paged. (1999).
This volume contains the summaries of the plenary lectures and the research contributions made at the first international Mathematics Education and Society Conference, held in Nottingham in September 1998. This conference was a significant event in the development of the discipline of mathematics education, and contributed to a greater understanding of the social implications of the teaching and learning of mathematics across the world. The contributions in this volume cover significant theoretical and practical issues in the politics and sociology of mathematics education including implications for social justice, gender, ethnicity, social class, mathematics and power, and the politics of educational policy and practice. The papers in this collection map out some of the main arguments and directions in which the discipline of mathematics education begins to move as we enter the next millennium. (Orig.) The articles of this volume were reviewed individually in MathEduc.
Classification: A60 A40 B10 C60
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