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Educational Review. Periodical Publication of the Greek Educational Society No. 16/92. (Paidagogike Epitheorese. Periodike Ekdose Tes Paidogogikes Hetaireias Hellados. 16/92.) (Greek)
In this article we present an experimental work on the difficulties the Greek pupils experience with sets. A selection of 5 items on sets was used with Greek pupils in the first grade of gymnasium, aged 12+. The objective of this experiment was to find out the nature of these difficulties, and in what extent, the, later, expelling of sets from the gymnasium curriculum was justified. The results revealed some interesting common errors and misconceptions which were analyzed from the psychopedagogical and epistemological point of view. Some implications for the curriculum were drawn, suggesting that sets should not be introduced at this stage of pupils’ development, at least the way were given to them - as an abstract of meaningless manipulation of symbols and operations. Furthermore, discussion for teaching this subject was also elaborated in this paper. (orig.)
Classification: E63
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