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Understanding graphs in adult mathematical education. (English)
van Groenestijn, Mieke (ed.) et al., Mathematics as part of lifelong learning. Proceedings of the 5th international conference of adults learning maths ‒ research forum, ALM 5, Utrecht, The Netherlands, July 1‒3, 1998. London: Goldsmiths College, University of London (ISBN 0-902986-46-5). 47-53 (1999).
The research is rooted in the premise that for adult learners, the development of numeracy skills - and specifically the learning of graphing - requires a rich environment that encourages conversations and explorations around intuitions rooted in the everyday experience of life with symbols and events. The authors designed a pilot classroom study to explore these ideas in an adult education program. Activities were aimed at the creation of interactive environments which included technological tools and where the teacher and the adult students engaged in the activitiy with a playful attitude and with the sense of being co-researchers, trying their ideas to achieve certain goals. Students were not asked to show what they knew but, instead, they tried to describe and represent events. There were no previously established correct answers; rather, the sense that they had achieved a good representation emerged from their discussion and reflections.
Classification: I28
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