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Relating geometry and algebra in the pascal triangle, hexagon, tetrahedron, and cuboctahedron. Pt. 1: binomial coefficients, extended binomial coefficients and preparation for further work. (English)
Coll. Math. J. 30, No. 3, 170-186 (1999).
Die Geometrie des Pascalschen Dreiecks hat bisher keine grosse Rolle gespielt, wenn es um Muster und Gesetzmässigkeiten ging. Hier wird gezeigt, dass die Geometrie eine wesentliche Rolle hierbei spielen kann.
The geometry of the Pascal Triangle has played a relatively insignificant part in the search for, and description of, patterns in the triangle. We try to show in this article how the role of geometry may be enhanced. (Orig.)
Classification: H24
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