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The interactive geometry software Cinderella. (English)
Springer, Berlin (ISBN 3-540-14719-5). 143 p. (1999).
Das dynamische Geometrie-Programm Cinderella unterstützt Konstruktionen und Darstellungen der euklidischen, hyperbolischen und elliptischen Geometrie.
Cinderella is a complete environment for dynamic geometry on the computer. With only a few mouse clicks you can easily draw complicated constructions. If you want to vary your input parameters, just pick a point and drag it ‒ everything will move accordingly. Use it to create exact high-quality drawings for your papers and books, or research into well known or, even better, new geometric theorems. Cinderella’s unique mathematical theory guarantees consistency and well defined behavior for all geometric objects. This makes it the ideal tool for classroom teaching and demonstrations. (Orig.)
Classification: R23
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