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Some Swaziland high school students’ attitudes towards the study of mathematics. (English)
J. South. Afr. Assoc. Res. Math. Sci. Educ. 2, No. 1, 33-40 (1998).
The study on students’ attitudes towards mathematics was carried out in 1996. It involved selected schools from the three school categories i.e. Co-education, Boys-only and Girls-only high schools. The variables considered were students’ interest, confidence and performance in mathematics, and students’ future career prospects involving mathematics. Data were collected using questionnaires, and analysed in terms of statistical descriptive and non-parametric forms. The findings showed that girls in Girls-only schools were more confident with better performance and considered mathematics to be of greater significance to their future careers than girls in Co-education schools. Also girls in Co-education schools performed poorer, were less confident and less interested in mathematics than boys in the same schools. It was concluded that gender differences existed among students in the considered sample and that there is need to change the studying environment situation in Co-education schools. (Abstract)
Classification: C23
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