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The co-construction of mathematical knowledge: the effect of an intervention programme on primary pupils’ attainment. (English)
Alwyn, Olivier et al., 22. Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (PME 22). Proceedings. Vol. 2. ,. 40-47 (1998).
This project explored teaching strategies and learning outcomes with low-attaining 8 year-olds. The research team collaborated with teachers to develop teaching strategies through observing ‘real-time’ practice using a one-way mirror. The teachers then used these strategies in school. Changes in attainment for the targeted pupils were compared with a matched control group. Targeted pupils substantially out performed control pupils in post intervention assessment in terms of numbers of items correctly answered. Targeted pupils also demonstrated gains over control pupils in terms of developing more effective strategies for answering questions correctly, as demonstrated through item by item analysis of strategies used to answer questions. (orig.)
Classification: C72
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