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Mathematics learning and modelling: theory and practice. (English)
Galbraith, Peter (ed.) et al., Proceedings of the 8th international conference on technology in mathematics teaching, ICTMA 8. Mathematical modelling: teaching and assessment in a technology-rich world, Brisbane, Australia, August 1997. Horwood Publishing, Chichester (ISBN 1-898563-42-X). 21-27 (1998).
Mathematik lernen soll Mathematik für Schüler sinnvoll machen. Am Beispiel einer Unterrichtssituation zeigt der Autor, wie die Auseinandersetzung mit realitätsbezogenen mathematischen Modellen ein solches Lernen fördert.
In different times and places many educators, researchers and teachers have been arguing that mathematics education in secondary school should integrate mathematical modelling and applications. One of the main ideas underlying this trend is that students learn mathematics while working in a given real world problem. Theory can help us to better understand students’ mathematics learning in relation to mathematical modelling activity. Using part of an example of secondary school students solving a problem in the mathematics class, I analyse the idea of (a) meaning-making in mathematics, and (b) its relation to mathematical modelling. (orig.)
Classification: C33
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