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The developing role of teacher: One preservice secondary mathematics teacher’s beliefs and experiences. (English)
Owens, D.T. et al., 17. annual meeting of the North American Chapter of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (PME-NA XVII). Proceedings. Vol. 2. ,. 155-161 (1995).
This study followed one preservice teacher, Liz, as she progressed through her senior year of a secondary mathematics education program that illustrated and encouraged views congruous with the NCTM Standards. At the start of the program Liz saw her role as one in which it was her responsibility to create a classroom environment defined to be non-intimidating, non-frustrating, interesting, and motivating for her students. Throughout the year, her beliefs defining her role of teacher were strengthened by the program. In addition, a belief in the use of problem-solving activities evolved from her beliefs of her role of teacher. This belief in problem-solving activities paired with her student teaching experience caused Liz to re-examine some of her earlier beliefs. We will follow Liz into her first year of teaching to see how or whether this evolution continues. (orig.)
Classification: C29
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