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Interactions of presentation levels in the comprehension of texts. (Interaction des niveaux de représentation dans la compréhension des textes.) (French)
Duval, Raymond, Annales de didactique et de sciences cognitives. Publication des travaux du séminaire de Didactique des Mathématiques de Strasbourg. Vol. 4. ,. 163-196 (1991).
Text comprehension models concentrate on the reader’s processes, on the reader’s goals, and not on the text organisation in relation to knowledge topics. It is obvious and important to distinguish reader’s knowledge background from knowledge topics. But it is also important to distinguish knowledge which is set out in text according to writer’ goals from knowledge topics. These two distinctions define the two dimensions of a reading situation, that is of interaction between reader and text. Text comprehension processes are not the same in every reading situation. Text comprehension models, which focus on the easiest reading situation, cannot find an issue to the main problem for educational purpose: how to improve text comprehension ability among students? In this paper we introduce the distinction between knowledge organisation in text according to writer’ goals and knowledge topics. We put it foreward by analysing a text of Jules Verne and two questionnaires about this text, which correspond to a reading situation significant for educational tasks. (Author’s summary)
Classification: C50
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