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A cognitive approach to argumentation. (Pour une approche cognitive de l’argumentation.) (French)
Duval, Raymond, Annales de didactique et de sciences cognitives. Publication des travaux du Séminaire de Didactique des Mathématiques de Strasbourg. Vol. 3. ,. 195-221 (1990).
Argumentation is considered as the most natural form of reasoning. Is its practise the best way to let the students access to deductive reasoning and to proofs? In this paper, we propose to distinguish four basic units of reasoning, to analyse the processing of argumentative and deductive reasonings. Then we apply these distinctions to argumentative texts, and we compare the different possible representations of their organisation (propositional graphs, terms networks). Argumentation appears more complex and more difficult than deductive reasoning. (Author’s summary)
Classification: C30
Keywords: argumentation
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