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The experience of mathematics teaching. Human awareness as a possible object of enquiry in research in teaching mathematics. (English)
Pehkonen, Erkki, 21. conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education. ,. 88-95 (1997).
In this paper I argue that taking an experiential perspective on the teaching process in terms of the different ways in which teachers experience mathematics teaching, can contribute to a better understanding of the teacher and the teaching process as well as what is learned. The point of departure is that this experience is a relation between the subject and the world. When something is experienced it is experienced as something and can be described in terms of in what way the awareness of the subject is structured. By analysing what becomes the fore of the teacher’s awareness, i.e. what aspects of mathematics teaching they direct their awareness towards and how this is done, it is possible identify that they open up for different dimensions of variation in their teaching. (orig.)
Classification: D40
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