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Chapter 10: "This is so": a text on texts. (English)
Bishop, Alan J. et al., International handbook of mathematics education. Vol. 4. Pt. 1. Kluwer, Dordrecht (ISBN 0-7923-3533-3). 371-409 (1996).
Mathematical texts have a long pedigree, but while an examination of past texts gives a historical perspective, it cannot inform about the actual curriculum. The idea that student texts can be seen as a transposition of ‘real’ mathematical texts is discounted. Both visible features of text materials (such as the text itself, questions and answers, control structures, images) and pedagogic functions (such as addressing the teacher and learner, authorial stance and voice) are examined and their problematic nature revealed. Commercial and governmental constraints are briefly discussed; this is followed by a discussion on the use of text materials in class. A final section looks at possible future developments of textual materials in mathematics education. (Abstract)
Classification: C50
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